The Aniene Valley Nature Reserve is a protected natural area in the Lazio region which covers about 1600 acres. The history and the urbanization resulted in a very complex landscape along both banks of the river, which passes through various districts of north-eastern Rome: La Rustica, Tor Cervara, Tor Sapienza, Colli Aniene, Ponte Mammolo, Casal de ‘Pazzi, Pietralata, Prati Fiscali and Monte Sacro. In this work-in-progress, we approached the Aniene by documenting the Parco delle Valli and the Conca d’Oro district, an area in transition since the recent launch of Metro B1.



Roma, Conca d’Oro / Settembre 2012 / digital color photos

Realized for a workshop with TerraProject Collective. Second part here.



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