The historic market of Testaccio will soon be moved to new premises in order to become a “market of last generation”. The old merchants, who’ll pay a doubled rent, are concerned about increasing competition and about the failures of the other markets just renovated. Raw material of the urban economy, of its trade, its tastes and habits, the market is the image of daily consumption, an image increasingly exposed to the changes that the city imposes, exposed to the invasions of shopping malls, the recession, the temporary crises, the rezoning. Despite this, a common life faces every day in the dawn of the Roman markets. In these nightly photographs, taken before the future demolition, the market in Testaccio exhibits sparkling signs of his daily activities: magazines, surprises, written walls, football posters, empty boxes, noises, dust, odors and fatigue.

Testaccio / Roma 2010 / digital color photos



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