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In 2005, the New York City Council approved the rezoning for the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront, that is the northern coast of Brooklyn overlooking the East Village, one of the most impressive industrial areas of the region in the late nineteenth century. The well known Domino Sugar Refinery Factory (the largest refinery in the world after the civil war, where even my Apulian grandfather had worked), is one of the most haunting symbols of the industrial and manufacturing past of New York, a past that has to be removed from the skin of the city. The rezoning will change the appearance and function of 11 acres of shoreline and some residents are skeptical about the plan of development, which will bring high traffic density and excessive overpopolation. After the lively and residential Brooklyn area, we found half-deserted streets, where Manhattan dominates the skyline from a sleepy fog, we found the footprints of the anonymous disappearing buildings, silent green oasis (Transmitter Park) and roofs and trucks painted by rust.


Brooklyn 2009 / digital color photos



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